OzARC - Ozark Amateur Radio Club - Mountain Home, Arkansas
Ozark Amateur Radio Club - OzARC
Mountain Home, Arkansas
Club Callsigns K5OZK + KC5RBO

This page last updated May 2, 2015

What's New ?
  • See the Calendar for Club Meeting, ARES/RACES
    or bimonthly License Testing Dates.
    Use the respective Menu Button for details of each.

  • Meeting Minutes, and more are viewable in the members area.
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  • Digital Training Net -
    Tuesday nights @ 19:30 CT,
    on 147.075 MHz (no Tone, 'plus' Offset), mode - PSK31.

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"Ham Radio . . . Getting the message through for your family and community"
New Emergency Radio Web Site

Family Radio Service (FRS), Citizen's Band (CB), and Amateur Radio - What's the Difference?
A document from Anthony Good - K3NG

Ham Radio operators were using digital communications decades before Computers and iPhones were invented.
If you want to learn how they did it, just ask a Ham Radio operator the following question -

What digital code consists of elements having unequal length?


How do I join the Club, and how do members renew their membership ?
Any club officer will be glad to help new members join the club.
Current, and past members should renew their membership directly with the Club Treasurer.
Membership Application Form
If you have any questions about the status of your membership, contact
the Club Treasurer, Jerry - KK5IX.   E-Mail the Club Treasurer

  • The club owns and maintains two VHF and one UHF repeater systems.  The UHF repeater can be used as a conventional UHF repeater or as a HUB repeater for linking any number of repeaters together. Click on the Repeater button to learn about our repeater systems.

  • The Ozark ARC started in 1972 and became affiliated with the ARRL on October 28, 1976.

Ozark ARC
would like to recognize and give thanks to
KTLO and Oldies 101.7 - Mountain Lakes Broadcasting Corporation
for providing space at their tower site
for the Club Repeater system.